Why Does Vaping Burn My Throat?

Why does vaping burn my throat? If you’ve been experiencing a sore or scratchy throat after using your vape then you might well be asking yourself this question!

Every once in a while we all take a hit on our vape and wish we hadn’t! Whether it’s a dreaded dry hit or the liquid you’re vaping is simply too strong, most of us experience a slight burning sensation from time to time. 

But what if your throat burns every time you use your device? This could suggest something’s wrong, so if you’re getting a burning sensation every time you vape then you might well be wondering, why does vaping burn my throat?

If your vape is causing continual discomfort then it’s probably nothing to worry about, although it’s still important you get to the bottom of the issue. So, to help get you on the path to vaping those smooth, tasty clouds as soon as possible, here are the most common reasons for a vape burning your throat and how you can fix it.

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